Sword Coast Keeper is a new game editor for Baldur's Gate and Tales of the Sword Coast.

There is already one game editor the Baldur's Gate and Tales of the Sword Coast, GateKeeper by Aaron O'Neil. This editor has one main limitation : it does not allow for adding custom items and spells.

Since then Aaron O'Neil has made new editors, for Icewind Dale and Baldur's Gate II - Shadows of Amn, that allowed for much more flexibility.

Aaron gave me permission (and source code :-)) to make a new editor for Baldur's Gate, based on Shadow Keeper. Here is now the result of that work. Sword Coast Keeper (as I decided to call it) will allow people using custom items or spells to display or modules such as Dark Side of the Sword Coast to display properly their saved games and perform any change you may want to do, much like Shadow Keeper allowed for Baldur's Gate II.


3 November 2002, version 1.0.0

7 December 2002, version 1.0.1

29 December 2002, version 1.0.2

30 March 2003, version 1.0.3

25 July 2003, version 1.0.4

4 December 2005, version 1.0.5

26 January 2008, version 1.0.6

Bug report

Please read the Readme.doc file included in the archive before sending a bug report. Also, give some details about the problem you have. Thank you.

Please send any message related to the program to the address in the Contact page


Just run the installer program. You'll be able to select installation directory and a program group for the Startup menu.

When first run, Sword Coast Keeper will try to locate your Baldur's Gate installation through the registry. If it cannot find it, it will ask for the installation path (the place where the BGMain.exe file is located).

All accompanying files (*.uld) must be left in the same directory as the executable, SwordCoastKeeper.exe. The readme.doc file must also stay in the same directory if you want to open though the program menu.


The program comes as a standalone installer (click here to download, 248 Kb).

Please do not put the program elsewhere for download, make a link to this site instead. Thank you.